Beginners’ course English

Course information

Location Thun
Course name Beginners’ course English
Language English
Content General Language
Start date at any time if seats available.
Course day(s) WED, 17:20 - 18:50
Lessons 30 x 45
Duration 15
Participants 3 - max. 5
Price CHF 900
Price per week CHF 60
Material cost CHF 50

Course levels

Level A0: Language course for real beginners.

Learning content: In our language courses for beginners, you will learn the new language ‘from the scratch’, i.e. without needing any previous language knowledge. From the very first lesson, you will hear and speak the new language.
This way, you will learn the new language in a quick, easy and time-saving way, following the inlingua method.
Therefore, please do not be surprised about taking an active part in the lesson right from the beginning. With us, you will learn what you cannot achieve by yourself at home – you will communicate with others in the target language! Homework, our inlingua online learning programme and CDs are there to additionally support you in your learning process. However, our dedicated mother-tongue teachers do not just teach you their languages, they also provide you with further knowledge regarding their country’s/language’s culture, on a native-speaker’s language level.

Notes: Our courses are continued quarterly. Classes can be joined at any time if seats available.