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Languages change your life

The linguistic proficiency of your employees is a success factor

inlingua Olten works closely together with many different companies; from global corporations to local small enterprises. We listen to your needs and co-create individual development plans for your employees, so that they learn what they need for their professional success, wherever and whenever it suits them most.

5 steps to a tailor-made development plan for your staff:

1. Needs Analysis

Personal conversation for the definition of your goals and a clarification of the training’s scope

2. Placement

Existing language skills of each participant are established in a placement test in order to define the course’s starting point. The integrated needs analysis in each placement test provides us with information on the participants’ typical foreign language situations and therefore, what topics and competencies a language course should focus on. Both, the needs analysis and also the placement test are parts of our proposal process.

3. Defining the development plan

This is usually a tailor-made programme which meets the needs and goals of the company. The trainings can be held at our language center or on your company’s premises, or also as Virtual Classroom sessions from various locations simultaneously via inlingua’s exclusive online classroom platform.

4. Language Courses

Our effective and goal-oriented trainings are based on the quality and appropriate selection of our trainers. In addition, inlingua uses progress checks and feedback processes to track the participants’ learning progress. Review and progress checks are part of our service.

5. Evaluation

The final program feedback and test provide you with the necessary information about the success of your development plan.